Because the Chicago Transit Authority frowns upon having their tracks repeatedly blown up – especially when the story calls for this to happen every 8-mins! – FADA was called upon to faithfully recreate railway cars and sections of track, as well as a fully-functional Train Station for the action/alternate reality adventure SOURCE CODE. - read more
FADA is where your plans come together. We have the facilities and the knowledge to take your set and scenic designs from blueprint to Studio or Location. We work hand-in-hand with your Art Director through every phase of the build: concept, creation, and installation, ensuring the highest quality and delivering on-budget, on-spec and on time.
FADA takes the time to thoughtfully comprehend the needs of your Producer and Art Director in order to fully realise their vision for your project. Taking the following steps, we aim to provide a comprehensive consultation and project development period to ensure that all aspects of your construction requirements are met or exceeded.